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Project Description
A facebook .net sdk for integrating facebook with your .net applications. It is based on the facebook graph api and provides all the data in the form of CLR objects and collections. Less coding and more fun !

The major aim behind writing this SDK is to provide a simple method for integrating .net applications with facebook. This SDK covers almost 95% of the features provided by facebook Graph API. For the purpose of demonstrating the power of this SDK, 2 demo applications have been created. The first one is a clone of facebook developed using MVC, JQuery, c# and this open source facebook .net SDK. The purpose of this application is to show that you can fetch each and every piece of data from your facebook profile. You can see this demo at

The second demo application is a facebook canvas application that can be used for sending smiley messages to your facebook friends. This application displays your friends list in a drop down from where you can select your friend and send them a message. You can view this demo here

The documentation for this sdk can be found at

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